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Customized according to demand, 7 days delivery.

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When choosing capacitor manufacturer

If you have been following problems plagued?

Lack of experience?

No technical support?

Product price?

Cycle length?

No guarantee?

Mass instability?

Hanxing Electronics Provides Capacitors

One-stop solution

1. Focus on 15 years of industry, customer acceptance.
2. Have 7 master team problem within 48 hours.
3. High temperature 85 degree durability, 1.5 times test.
4. Guangzhou, Taizhou, Fujian, Beijing 4 branches, 24 hour service.
5. Customer material, Han Xing processing, high price.
6. The daily output of 110 thousand capacitors, Jan, SF cooperation.
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Guangzhou Hanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

GuangzhouHanxingElectronicTechnologyCo.,Ltd.(Renda)wasfoundedin2006.Itspecializesintheproductionofairconditioningcapacitorsandelectromechanicalcapacitors,CBBseriesACmotorcapacitors,CDseriesstartcapacitorsandairconditioningbandage.Thecompanycoversanareaof15600squaremeters.Ithasstrongtechnicalforceandadvancedequipment.IthasfullyautomatedimportedfromGermany,SwitzerlandandItalywithinternationaladvanc... [MORE+]

Han XingPartner

Customized according to demand, 7 days delivery

Choose Hanxing capacitor.Four reasons

Professional capacitor manufacturer

Fifteen years of industry experience and strength
Enterprises specializing in the production of air conditioning capacitors, electromechanical capacitors and air conditioning bandage,
The company covers an area of 15600 square meters,
with strong technical force and advanced equipment,
With Germany, Switzerland, Italy imported with
international advanced level of automatic winding machine.
Advanced Technical Equipment and Improvement of Inspection Quality System
High precision Slitter and other complete film capacitor
production lines and excellent testing equipment.
CBB series AC motor capacitors, air conditioning
capacitors, the company has a sound Inspection
means and sound quality,
system certification ISO 9001 quality management system
Certification, CQC, CE certification.
Thousands of partners have witnessed for many years
The company covers an area of 15600 square
meters with strong technical force and
equipment level Advanced, with Germany,
Switzerland, Italy introduced with
international advanced
Horizontal automatic winding machine,
Customized after-sales guarantee system
Self-reliance, dedication and virtue are the
spirit of our company!
Let's get rich together. Guangzhou Hanxing
Company is willing to cooperate with
at home and abroad. Businessmen
cooperate sincerely to prosper together.
Han Xing ,Automation device

Professional capacitor manufacturer

Han Xing Electronics,,15 Years of Focus

Win Customer's Trust with Service Quality

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